Destination: Vostok

A Graphic Novel, written and drawn by Alex Lewis.

Why would Ada Hopper choose to be the only astronaut on board an international space station in orbit of Neptune, and is she really as alone as she thinks? Find out what happens as a collection of ghosts from her past and ours emerge to help her make contact with an alien vessel.

Ada Hopper is an idealistic engineer, obsessed with the history and progress of human space exploration. When her life is buffeted by a series of personal disappointments, she volunteers for an unpopular three-person deep space mission, thinking that this is the fastest way to get accepted onto a space programme. Abandoned by her colleagues at the last minute, Ada is left working in orbit of Neptune alone for five years. Weekly calls from her self-absorbed manager, her estranged ex-girlfriend, her somewhat bumbling therapist, and her generally unimpressed siblings serve only to heighten her sense of dislocation from human society. What keeps her going are the frequent calls from her friend, Mackenzie (Mack) Palmer, who grounds her in the trivial mundanity of Earth’s pop-culture and daily life.

When a giant space creature collides with Hopper’s station, a series of ghosts comprising historical figures and characters from Hopper’s own life appear to her, telling her to make contact with it.


The novel has been drafted and drawn, and is currently being edited down. It is looking for a home.

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