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Destination: Vostok, A Graphic Novel

Destination: Vostok

Why did Ada Hopper abandon her life one day to work on the furthest space station away from the Earth with two people she barely knows and does not like? Are the ghosts she talks to from her past and ours real or imagined? Find out what happens when the station goes dark, and Ada must rely on the help of her patronizing colleague, Viktor Lermentov, and the ghost of Yuri Gagarin, to find her way home alive.



Ada Hopper is an idealistic engineer, obsessed with the history and progress of human space exploration. When her life is buffeted by a series of personal tragedies and disappointments, she volunteers for an unpopular three-person deep space mission, thinking that this is the fastest way to get accepted onto a space programme. Weekly calls from her self-absorbed manager, her estranged ex-girlfriend, her somewhat bumbling therapist, and her generally unimpressed siblings serve only to heighten her sense of dislocation from human society.

What keeps her going are the frequent calls from her friend, Mackenzie (Mack) Palmer, who grounds her in the trivial mundanity of Earth’s pop-culture and daily life. However, the station is about to pass behind Neptune, which will cut it off from communication with Earth for six months. The crew are concerned, because the last time this happened Ada spent her time talking to the ghost of Yuri Gagarin, which they believed to be imaginary. Ada’s therapist, meanwhile, questions why she does not see the ghosts of people she has lost personally.

Ada’s crewmates are Viktor Lermentov, an arrogant physicist studying the heliosphere, and Linda Jones, an introverted botanist running the station’s large hydroponics bay.

When the station is hit by an object from interstellar space, the station loses power. Viktor and Gagarin’s ghost try to keep Ada focused as she works to repair enough of the station to allow them access to the escape shuttle.


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