Betrayal – A Graphic Novel

Betrayal is part-memoir, part re-imagining of Harold Pinter’s play of the same name. It is a romance, covering a friendship between three central characters, Alex, Aune and Jonas, as it comes apart through the years. Each chapter offers a different moment in time, from childhood into adulthood.

Unlike other projects on here, Betrayal has no fantastical elements. It is loosely based on my life and perceptions growing up: in places, events appear in a slightly different order for the sake of story, memories are inaccurate, or words have been changed for dramatic impact or comedic effect. Names of people in my life have been changed and portrayals of these people are not intended to be accurate: the story is purely about my childhood and coming-of-age, other characters are interpreted from a place of childhood insecurity.

Betrayal is currently being redrawn, with new pages and revised script. So far, Chapters 1-6 are in the revised style.