An Illustrated Poem About Grief

What Happens in Vegas

What Happens in Vegas


This comic was written by Alice Mannix and illustrated by me. The Author has supplied the following text by way of introduction to the story:

“My dad was admitted to hospital with kidney failure on 11 November 2018. We later found out this was caused by undiagnosed liver cancer which had already spread to his abdomen and lungs.

Dad died just 11 days later. He spent 10 of those 11 nights on a crowded NHS hospital ward which has since been demolished. We were so relieved when he was moved into a hospice called The Meadows for what turned out to be his final night. This gave us the privacy we all needed to be able to say goodbye, and I will be forever grateful for the care and compassion of the staff.

As difficult as it was to watch my dad be torn away, I’ve realised it’s a time I’m almost nostalgic for. When Dad was ill I knew exactly what I was meant to do: be there for him. Now that’s not an option, the present isn’t such an easy place to exist in.

So it’s not surprising that the smallest thing can drag me willingly back to The Meadows. This is a poem about one of those moments, beautifully illustrated by my brilliant and talented friend. Thank you, Alex, for bringing to life these last hours of my dad’s life.”

If you are moved to do so by this story, please consider making a small donation to Macmillan Cancer Support in Memory of Andy Jenkins.