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Alex Lewis

Alex Lewis is an independent creator, making comics in the UK. She currently has one completed graphic novel – Betrayal – and several short stories available on this website. She is also working on Destination: Vostok, an on-going series.

Betrayal is a semi-autobiographical comic loosely adapted from Harold Pinter’s play of the same name, but it resets the story of Pinter’s extramarital affair into the new context of highschool, and merges it with Alex’s own memories and experiences. Pinter’s play relates three sides to the heartbreak in his narrative. It is sometimes comical and at other times tragic in its portrayal of one affair involving three friends; two men and one woman. Alex’s book follows the similar breakdown of a relationship between two girls and one boy who grow up together and fall apart in the silent shadow of unspoken feelings.

In addition to the above, you can find a range of short stories available on this website. One of these is an illustration to Kate Bush’s song, Hounds of Love, retelling the song as a queer werewolf romance. Another is What Happens in Vegas, a story about grief, told through the poetry of Alice Mannix. Ocean Bride is a creepy short about a ring with supernatural properties, written in collaboration by Alex Lewis and Yelena Lewis.

A lengthier on-going project is Destination: VostokThis graphic novel has been three years in the making and is currently in its third draft, requiring some new artwork and additional writing. DV follows the life of Ada Hopper, an engineer working on a space station in orbit of Neptune with two other astronauts with whom she has little in common. The station is constantly at risk from the extreme gravity of Neptune and vague incoming threats from interstellar space. To cope with the combined stress of her environment and her fractured personal life, Ada spends her days talking to the ghost of Yuri Gagarin.

Current Work Status: accepting collaborations.